Q&A with a third-space endoscopist

Dr. Abdelqader is an interventional endoscopist who joined FDHS in Sarasota on Dec. 1, 2021.

We’re pleased to introduce Dr. Abdelhai Abdelqader to FDHS. Dr. Abdelqader is a board-certified gastroenterologist who specializes in interventional endoscopy. Practicing in Sarasota, he uses the newest technology and techniques available to diagnose and treat complex digestive diseases. This often allows patients to avoid major, life-altering surgery. We asked Dr. Abdelqader a few questions about his practice and what he’s looking forward to in this new chapter of his career:

Are you new to Florida? 

“I always wanted to move to Florida for the great weather and beaches. I was fortunate to find not only a GI practice that is truly driven by patient care, but a practice that ‘s in a region that has a growing need for the latest in interventional endoscopy such as third space endoscopy.”

What do you love most about patient care? 

“It gives me great pleasure to see my patient’s getting back to doing what they love”

What is interventional endoscopy? 

“Interventional endoscopy uses innovative techniques and technology to treat benign, pre-malignant and malignant disorders of the pancreas, gallbladder, bile duct, and the gastrointestinal tract. Complex interventional endoscopy is different from routine endoscopic procedures due to the level of complexity and the specialized expertise required to achieve positive outcomes.”

What is third space endoscopy? 

“Third space” endoscopy is commonly referred as submucosal endoscopy. It’s essentially when the deepest layers of the GI (gastrointestinal) tract are accessed via endoscopy. This preserves organ integrity and allows for histologic assessment of curative treatment, which may help avoid the need for surgery. Third space endoscopy has the wonderful effect of fewer complications and higher efficiencies, which simply means that the patient can recover faster and get back to what they love in life.

Using third space, we can target the stomach, esophagus small intestine, and large intestine to diagnose and heal our patients in a minimally invasive way.”

Why is it important to have these skills in the region? 

“Third space endoscopy is a new advancement in the GI field that allows endoscopic en bloc resections for lesions anywhere in the GI tract. This technique requires extensive special hands-on training that not all gastroenterologist have. Thus, patients who could benefit enormously from these procedures often get sent to invasive, life-altering surgeries or have to travel long distances, sometimes many hours, to find an interventional endoscopist who can help them. This can be a burden on them, both financially and logistically. This is a valuable option for patients who maybe deemed poor surgical candidates. I was fortunate to receive extensive third space guidance and experience at one of the best GI programs in the country and I’m excited to bring this expertise to patients close to home.”

What do you want your patients to know about you? 

“Ultimately, I want my patients to know that I will be there for them through each step, remaining empathetic, transparent, and committed to their care.”

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