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Can a low FODMAP diet relieve painful digestive health issues?

The low FODMAP diet emerged in popularity over the past few years, assisting many in discovering which foods trigger sensitivities. But why should you consider it and how does it work? Read more

Pathology lab leads new frontier in esophageal cancer testing

Study results will improve testing accuracy for patients who are at an increased chance of developing esophageal cancer. Read more

5 surprising causes of gas

Experiencing flatulence throughout the day is normal, but if you're having higher levels of gas - here are a few possible explanations why. Read more

Beating an invisible disease – Rachel’s story

Rachel struggled for decades with extreme fatigue, brain fog, anxiety, weight loss and other debilitating symptoms before being diagnosed with Celiac disease. Read more

Taking back control – Sarah’s story

"I would never have imagined at age 20 I would be diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis..and I didn't know how severe it would become." Read more

Strength through shared support – Kristin’s story

Kristin knew something was wrong when, in her late 20s, she was too sick to go to work. Read more